First, some introductions.

The Copy and Content Group is a small, deliberately growing outfit of media professionals with expertise in writing, content marketing, website content and administration and information design.

Craig Rowe started the practice. Adam Lenio is its most recent addition.

Craig’s background is rooted in marketing. Industries to which he’s applied his creativity and energy over the years range from commercial real estate to coffee production. However, his true passion is found in and around the outdoors. The Copy and Content Group was created to provide the messages behind the people, products, places and causes that promote wilderness pursuits. Craig is an alumnus of the National Outdoor Leadership School, an experienced surfer, snowboarder, rock climber and a seasonal Grand Canyon guide.

Adam Lenio is an artist above all other things. Lately, his canvas of choice is the Internet, on which he creates compelling brand representations through video, animation and electronic content. He still uses print, as all true creatives do. With Adam’s input, The Copy and Content Group can extend its reach into high-end advertising production, trade show presentations, infographics and web-based animated branding. Adam has worked for Kodak, Novartis, Legrand North America and LincWare, among others. He plays a great deal of soccer, against doctors’ orders, and likes yoga.