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Creative copywriting and
new media content to inspire people and products.

The Copy and Content Group works directly with a host of companies or in unison with their marketing partners to craft authentic, watertight brand content that enhances the customer experience.


Words as goods and services.

Your products and services compete every day for social media space, web traffic, and referrals. They’re liked, disliked, reviewed and shared on countless pages drifting through the wilds of the Internet. In short, your brand message has quite a few echoes out there. Our words and ideas help them come through clearly.

We help an array of industries sound and look better with original, engaging web copy and content. Currently, we serve an array of industries, including real estate, software, outdoor products, adventure travel, and non-profits.

  • Website copy and content

    Your website is a potential customer’s first stop. Don’t give them a reason to leave. We construct and maintain copy and content that will help keep your site fresh, contextually sound and SEO-ready.

  • Blogs

    Search engines love ‘em and every industry has its favorites. Where does yours stand? Blogs can be more than traffic builders, they can be brand builders. The Copy & Content Group helps companies devise, manage, and write their blogs with compelling direct and long-tail content. Most importantly, we help ensure that you don’t ever become the group that was sure it would maintain its blog, and then ends up writing “Sorry we’re out of touch, been so busy … ” posts every couple of months.

  • Facebook, Twitter Posts

    Brevity is the soul of wit. Unfortunately, social media marketing is often absent of both. Let us help you get it all sorted out and connected to other campaigns and outreach efforts.

  • Print Marketing & Ad Copy

    Print is not dead. It has taken a few shots to the noggin though, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, infographics, print ads, collateral, catalogs, and direct mail remain essential components to maintaining a compelling brand. Print can still rock.

  • E-newsletters

    E-newsletters are often one of the most neglected forms of marketing in our mix today, yet, e-mail marketing remains very effective for consumer product promotion and sales strategies. The Copy & Content Group works to keep them tight, on-time, and effective.

Real Estate

  • Blog Writing and Website Copy

    The Copy & Content Group has helped companies across the country improve their image, branding, and sales by providing creative and relevant real estate copy and marketing content. From monthly e-newsletters and social media content to weekly blogs and complete website copy refreshes, real estate information is everywhere today. A market leader simply can’t afford to have an unoriginal, outdated Internet presence. Click here for more on our real estate writing services


To save time and add value.

So much can be solved and sold with the right words. But sometimes, you just don’t know where to find them. Or maybe you need a completely fresh take on something. Could be, you just don’t have the time to write another damn e-mail newsletter. (They can be tedious.)

Brands can suffer when the frustrations of internal commitments and time crunches find their way into our marketing. Projects get rushed, scaled back or half-assed. Like a slow poison, half-hearted marketing will eat its way into an organization and sicken its appeal to customers. And in this age of rapid-fire content and moment-to-moment updates, every message needs to be on target.

A little outside help, from ensuring the new landing pages launch in conjunction with the PPC campaign to making the deadline for your next Shop-n-Save circular ad, can go a long way toward maintaining a vibrant, happy and joyous marketing plan. I can help communicate new ideas and breathe new life into old ones. Ultimately, we save you time and make your company look great. What more reason do you need, really?


First, some introductions.

The Copy and Content Group is a small, deliberately growing outfit of media professionals with expertise in writing, content marketing, website content and administration and information design.

Craig Rowe started the practice. Adam Lenio is its most recent addition.

Craig’s background is rooted in marketing. Industries to which he’s applied his creativity and energy over the years range from commercial real estate to coffee production. However, his true passion is found in and around the outdoors. The Copy and Content Group was created to provide the messages behind the people, products, places and causes that promote wilderness pursuits. Craig is an alumnus of the National Outdoor Leadership School, an experienced surfer, snowboarder, rock climber and a seasonal Grand Canyon guide.

Adam Lenio is an artist above all other things. Lately, his canvas of choice is the Internet, on which he creates compelling brand representations through video, animation and electronic content. He still uses print, as all true creatives do. With Adam’s input, The Copy and Content Group can extend its reach into high-end advertising production, trade show presentations, infographics and web-based animated branding. Adam has worked for Kodak, Novartis, Legrand North America and LincWare, among others. He plays a great deal of soccer, against doctors’ orders, and likes yoga.


Hike. Climb. Surf. Run.

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